Space Launch Report 
.  . . Cape Canaveral LC 5/6/26A/26B
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Cape Canaveral Launch Complexe 5/6/26A/26B  Launch Log 
 Cape Canaveral Launch Complex 5/6/26A/26B Launch Log 
 Includes ABMA Redstone Launches at Launch Complex 4
 before LC 5/6 were Completed
 *Site/Result Codes at Bottom of Page
Date      Type/                Serial No./  Site* 
          Mission/             Result*  
 8/20/53  Redstone             RS-1         CC LC4 
          Redstone Test 1      F1      
          Engine fail T+77sec

 1/27/54  Redstone             RS-2         CC LC4  
          Redstone Test 2      S

  5/5/54  Redstone             RS-3         CC LC4
          Redstone Test 3      F1      
          Exploded at liftoff

 8/18/54  Redstone             RS-4         CC LC4
          Redstone Test 4      P1?     
          Steam gen regulator failed

11/17/54  Redstone             RS-6         CC LC4
          Redstone Test 5      F1      
          Guidance programming error, lost control

  2/9/55  Redstone             RS-8         CC LC4
          Redstone Test 6      P1?
          Separation bolt failure

         ABMA Launch Operations move to LC 5/6

 4/20/55  Redstone             RS-9         CC LC6
          Redstone Test 7      P1?
          Guidance malfunction

 5/24/55  Redstone             RS-10        CC LC6
          Redstone Test 8      P1?
          Guidance malfunction

 8/30/55  Redstone             RS-7         CC LC6
          Redstone Test 9      P1?
          Jet vane malfunction

 9/22/55  Redstone             RS-11        CC LC6
          Redstone Test 10     F1
          First full ST-80 inertial guidance; 
          high tail temp caused control fail T+79s

 12/5/55  Redstone             RS-12        CC LC6
          Redstone Test 11     S
          Carried Azusa; 
          first ST-80 test success; 144.79 NM rng

 3/14/56  Jupiter A            RS-18        CC LC6
          Jupiter A #1         S
          ST-80 test; cutoff at T+310s due bad
          guidance eqn; 133.58 NM rng

 5/15/56  Jupiter A            RS-19        CC LC6
          Jupiter A #2         S
          Guidance test used LEV-3 autopilot; 
          169.4 NM rng

 7/19/56  Jupiter A            CC-13        CC LC5
          Jupiter A #3         S
          ST-80 guidance test, guidance malf
          at T+310 s; 142.457 NM rng

  8/8/56  Jupiter A            RS-20        CC LC6
          Jupiter A #4         S
          ST-80 test; 139.72 NM rng

 9/20/56  Jupiter C            RS-27        CC LC5
          Jupiter C #1         S
          Test; dummy 4th stg; 682 STM alt, 
          3335 STM rng; mach 18

10/18/56  Jupiter A            CC-14        CC LC6
          Jupiter A #5         S
          ST-80 test; 137.87 NM rng

10/30/56  Jupiter A            RS-25        CC LC6
          Jupiter A #6         F1
          Yaw gyro malf; cutoff T+10s;
          used LEV-3 autopilot

11/13/56  Jupiter A            RS-28        CC LC6
          Jupiter A #7         S
          Programmed fuel depletion cutoff;
          LEV-3 autopilot; 152.4 NM rng

11/29/56  Jupiter A            CC-15        CC LC6
          Jupiter A #8         S
          ST-80 test; 138.969 NM rng

12/18/56  Jupiter A            RS-22        CC LC6
          Jupiter A #9         S
          Final LEV-3; Hydyne fuel; 401.6 NM rng

 1/18/57  Jupiter A            CC-16        CC LC6
          Jupiter A #10        S
          ST-80 short range test; 61.6 NM rng

  3/1/57  Jupiter              AM-1A        CC LC5
          Jupiter #1           F1
          1st Jupiter test; hot tail section;
           broke up at T+74s

 3/14/57  Jupiter A            CC-32        CC LC6
          Jupiter A #11        S
          First Chrysler w/o statics; 
          138.178 NM rng; coast pitch dev T+182s

 3/27/57  Jupiter A            CC-30        CC LC6
          Jupiter A #12        S
          Ph 1 guidance test

 4/26/57  Jupiter              AM-1B        CC LC5
          Jupiter #2           F1
          terminated T+93s due propellant slosh

 5/15/57  Jupiter C            RS-34        CC LC6
          Jupiter C #2         P2
          Stages fired wrong angle, 350nm alt;
          710nm rng (420 NM short);
          scale Jupiter nose

 5/31/57  Jupiter              AM-1         CC LC5
          Jupiter #3           S
          1st US IRBM success; 1247 NM rng

 6/26/57  Jupiter A            CC-31        CC LC6
          Jupiter A #13        S
          Ph1 guidance test; 135.425 NM rng

 7/12/57  Jupiter A            CC-35        CC LC6
          Jupiter A #14        S
          130.123 NM rng

 7/25/57  Jupiter A            CC-37        CC LC6
          Jupiter A #15        S
          126.227 NM rng

  8/8/57  Jupiter C            CC-40        CC LC5
          Jupiter C #3         S
          285 mi. alt.; 1,468 NM rng;
          scale Jupiter nose cone recovered

 8/28/57  Jupiter              AM-2         CC LC26A
          Jupiter #4           S 
          1st nose separation test; 1460 NM rng

 9/10/57  Jupiter A            CC-38        CC LC6
          Jupiter A #16        F1
          Tactical launch equip; tilt malftn caused
          steep flight, 18 NM rng

 10/2/57  Jupiter A            CC-39        CC LC6
          Jupiter A #17        S
          First use of NAA A-6 engine (78 Klb thrust)

10/22/57  Jupiter              AM-3         CC LC26B
          Jupiter #5           S
          1st partial ST-90 inertial guidance test;
          1st heat shield nose; 1100 NM rng

10/30/57  Jupiter A            CC-41        CC LC6
          Jupiter A #18        F1
          Loss of pressure at T+68s;
          cutoff initiated T+98.1s; 48 NM rng

11/26/57  Jupiter              AM-3A        CC LC26B
          Jupiter #6           F1
          Turbopump fail T+101s; exploded

12/10/57  Jupiter A            CC-42        CC LC6
          Jupiter A #19        S
          141.895 NM rng; target miss by only
          153 meters radial

12/18/57  Jupiter              AM-4         CC LC26B
          Jupiter #7           F1
          Turbopump fail T+117s; 149 NM rng;
          50 NM alt

 1/14/58  Jupiter A            CC-45        CC LC6
          Jupiter A #20        S
          380 meter miss; 5th warhead/fuse test

 1/31/58  Juno 1               RS-29        CC LC26A
          Explorer 1           S            LEO
          1st US satellite

 2/11/58  Redstone             CC-46        CC LC6
          Redstone Train #1    S
          310 meter miss

 2/27/58  Redstone             CC-43        CC LC6
          Redstone Train #2    S
          466 meter miss

  3/5/58  Juno 1               RS-26        CC LC26A
          Explorer 2           F4           FTO
          4th stg did not ignite

 3/26/58  Juno 1               RS-24        CC LC5
          Explorer 3           P2           LEO
          Poor orbit; bad firing angles;
          Explorer 2 backup

 5/16/58  Redstone             CC-1002      CC LC5 
          Redstone Train #3    S
          1st succesful troop launch

 5/18/58  Jupiter              AM-5         CC LC26B
          Jupiter #8           S
          1275 NM rng; 1st IRBM nose cone recovery

 6/11/58  Redstone             CC-48        CC LC6
          Redstone Test #12    P1
          Overshot 137.31 NM target by 8.36 NM
          due improper thrust governor setting

 6/24/58  Redstone             CC-54        CC LC6
          Redstone Test #13    S
          On target

 7/17/58  Jupiter              AM-6B        CC LC26B
          Jupiter #9           S
          1st full ST-90 test

 7/26/58  Juno 1               CC-44        CC LC5
          Explorer 4           S            LEO

 8/24/58  Juno 1               CC-47        CC LC5
          Explorer 5           F2           FTO
          Upper stages bumped booster 12 sec after
          booster sep; bad firing angle; no orbit

 8/27/58  Jupiter              AM-7         CC LC26A
          Jupiter #10          S
          Early fuel deplete; 1207 NM rng;
          1st warhead/fuze; 2nd ST-90;
          1st solid spin/vernier

 9/17/58  Redstone             CC-56        CC LC6
          Redstone Test #14    S

 10/9/58  Jupiter              AM-9         CC LC26B
          Jupiter #11          F1
          Tail fire; RSO T+49s;
          1st swiveled turbo exhaust roll control

10/22/58  Juno 1               CC-49        CC LC5
          Beacon 1/Explorer 6  F3           FTO
          payload broke away at 112 sec 
          due rotational vibration

 11/6/58  Redstone             CC-57        CC LC6
          Redstone Test #15    S
          Last R&D 

 12/6/58  Juno 2               AM-11        CC LC5
          Pioneer 3            P1           FTO
          Cutoff 3.7 sec early prevented escape
          velocity; 66,654 mi apogee
12/13/58  Jupiter              AM-13        CC LC26B
          Jupiter #12          S
          Carried squirrel monkey-not recovered;
          1302 NM rng

 1/21/59  Jupiter              CM-21        CC LC5
          Jupiter #13          S
          1st Chrysler Jupiter; vernier cutoff malf;
          1302 NM rng; 3 NM long

 2/27/59  Jupiter              CM-22        CC LC26B
          Jupiter #14          S
          1302 NM rng; 2.8 NM over due 
          vernier cutoff malf

  3/3/59  Juno 2               AM-14        CC LC5
          Pioneer 4            S            HCO
          First US sat to escape velocity;
          contact to 406,620 mi

  4/3/59  Jupiter              CM-22A       CC LC26B
          Jupiter #15          S
          1302 NM rng; gyro drift caused 5 NM 
          left miss

  5/6/59  Jupiter              AM-12        CC LC26B 
          Jupiter #16          P1
          1233 NM rng short due thrust controller 
          malf; cutoff T+144s

 5/14/59  Jupiter              AM-17        CC LC5
          Jupiter #17          S
          On target

 5/28/59  Jupiter              AM-18        CC LC26B
          Jupiter #18          S 
          Monkies "Able" and "Baker" recovered;
          1302 NM rng; on target

  7/9/59  Jupiter              AM-15        CC LC26B
          Jupiter #19          S 
          1302 NM rng; on target
 7/16/59  Juno 2               AM-16        CC LC5
          Explorer S-1         F1           FTO
          Engine gimballed at launch; booster flipped
          RSO T+5sec; a memorable failure

 7/21/59  Redstone             CC-2003      CC LC26A
          Redstone Train #9    S
          1st block 2 tactical flight

  8/4/59  Redstone             CC-2004      CC LC26A
          Redstone Train #10   S
          Engineer test

 8/14/59  Juno 2               AM-19B       CC LC26B
          Beacon 2             F2           FTO
          Upper stages fired in wrong direction

 8/26/59  Jupiter              AM-19        CC LC5
          Jupiter #20          S
          320 NM short rng test; on target

 9/15/59  Jupiter              AM-23        CC LC26B
          Jupiter #21          F1
          Erratic at launch; destroyed at T+13s;
          failed silver solder joint to 
          pressure sphere

 9/30/59  Jupiter              AM-24        CC LC6
          Jupiter #22          S
          1300 NM rng

10/13/59  Juno 2               AM-19A       CC LC5
          Explorer 7 (S-1a)    S            LEO
          91.5 lb radiation and weather sat

10/21/59  Jupiter              AM-31        CC LC26A
          Jupiter #23          S
          1st full range tactical prototype;
          1600 NM rng; 0.9 NM short

 11/4/59  Jupiter              CM-33        CC LC6
          Jupiter #24          S
          1st without static test; 1300 NM rng;
          0.56 NM short

11/18/59  Jupiter              AM-25        CC LC26B
          Jupiter #25          S
          664.8 NM medium rng test

 12/9/59  Jupiter              AM-32        CC LC6
          Jupiter #26          S 
          2300 NM rng; 2.0 NM miss

12/16/59  Jupiter              AM-26        CC LC26B
          Jupiter #27          S
          390 NM medium rng test; 0.1 NM miss

 1/25/60  Jupiter              AM-28        CC LC26B
          Jupiter #28          S
          1300 NM rng; 3.3 NM miss;
          ok despite high tail temp

  2/4/60  Jupiter              AM-30        CC LC6
          Jupiter #29          S 
          1300 NM rng; 0.65 NM miss

 3/21/60  Redstone             CC-2020      CC LC6
          Redstone Train #14   S 
          Long range test

 3/23/60  Juno 2               AM-19C       CC LC26B
          Explorer S-46        F3           FTO
          3rd stage failed to ignite due loss 
          of radio contact

  8/9/60  Redstone             CC-2023      CC LC6
          Redstone Train #18   F1
          RSO T+112 sec in error

 10/5/60  Redstone             CC-2037      CC LC6
          Redstone Train #19   S

10/20/60  Jupiter              CM-217       CC LC26A
          Jupiter LST #1       S
          Live System Test with NATO GSE;
          962.5 NM rng; 1.1 NM miss

 11/3/60  Juno 2               AM-19D       CC LC26B
          Explorer 8 (S-30)    S            LEO
          Ionosphere Direct Measurement Sat.

11/21/60  MR RS                MR-1         CC LC5
          MR-1 (S/C #2)        F1
          Hang fire damaged booster

12/19/60  MR RS                MR-3         CC LC5
          MR-1A (S/C #2A)      S 
          130.7 STM apogee x 235 STM rng

 1/21/61  Redstone             CC-2038      CC LC6
          Redstone Train #20   S

 1/31/61  MR RS                MR-2         CC LC5
          MR-2 (S/C #5)        P1
          Chimp "Ham"; thrust controller failed,
          early fuel deplete, overshoot; 157x422 STM

 2/24/61  Juno 2               AM-19F       CC LC26B
          Explorer S-45        F4           FTO
          Ionosphere Sat; 4th stg and payload
          prematurely separated 4.5 sec after 
          shroud sep

  3/8/61  Redstone             CC-2040      CC LC6
          Redstone Train #21   S

 3/24/61  MR RS                MR-5         CC LC5
          MR-BD                S 
          Extra "booster development" test; 
          113.5 x 307 STM

 4/22/61  Jupiter              CM-209       CC LC26A
          Jupiter CTL #1       S
          Combat Training Launch; 1514 NM rng;
          2.2 NM miss

 4/27/61  Juno 2               AM-19E       CC LC26B
          Explorer 11 (S-15)   S            LEO
          Gamma Ray Telescope orbited but 
          tumbled 10 rpm

  5/5/61  MR RS                MR-7         CC LC5
          MR-3 (S/C #7)        S 
          Alan Shepard suborbital; 116.5x303 STM; 
          Freedom 7

 5/17/61  Redstone             CC-2042      CC LC6
          Redstone Train #22   S

 5/24/61  Juno 2               AM-19G       CC LC26B
          Explorer S-45        F2           FTO
          2nd stg failed to ignite; ionosphere 
          beacon sat.; last LC26B launch

 6/27/61  Redstone             CC-2043      CC LC6
          Redstone Train #23   P1
          Air vane actuator mal T+262 sec (reentry)

 7/21/61  MR RS                MR-8         CC LC5
          MR-4 ( S/C #11)      S
          Gus Grissom suborbital; 118.3x302 STM;
          Liberty Bell 7 capsule sank

  8/4/61  Jupiter              CM-218       CC LC26A
          Jupiter CTL #2       S
          Combat Training Launch; 1514 NM rng;
 12/6/61  Jupiter              CM-115       CC LC26A
          Jupiter CTL #3       S
          Combat Training Launch; 1516 NM rng

 4/18/62  Jupiter              CM-114       CC LC26A
          Jupiter CTL #4       P1
          Combat Training Launch; fuel depletion
          at T+153s; 230 NM short of planned 
          1514 NM range

  8/1/62  Jupiter              CTL-111      CC LC26A
          Jupiter CTL          S

 1/22/63  Jupiter              CTL-106      CC LC26A
          Jupiter CTL          S
          NATO crew; last LC26A (and LC26) launch

* Site Code:
  CC = Cape Canaveral

  Result Code:

  FN = Failure stage N
  FS = Payload shroud failure
  PN = Partial failure stage N
  S  = Success

  Orbit Code:

  EEO/M = Molynia (12-hr) Elliptical Earth Orbit
  FTO = Failed to Orbit
  GTO = Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit
  GTO+ = Supersynchronous Transfer Orbit
  GTO- = Subsynchronous Transfer Orbit
  GEO = Geosynchronous Orbit
  HCO = Heliocentric (solar) Orbit
  HTO = High Earth Transfer Orbit
  LEO = Low Earth Orbit
  LEO/P = Polar Low Earth Orbit
  LEO/S = Sun Synchronous Low Earth Orbit
  MTO = Medium Earth Transfer Orbit